Emotional Support
for Ecology Activists

The Spiral Journey Flow Chart Mandala is a free, open source, emotional survival kit for people working on ongoing, human caused catastrophes such as Fukushima and Hanford. The Spiral Journey Peer Support Network urges you to participate in anti-nuclear campaigns as part of a self-directed Team of Two.

building a world-wide consensus for/taking action for…

  • phasing out all nuclear power plants, all uranium mining & production
  • stopping the current global nuclear arms race, stopping the production of nuclear weapons,
  • banning the use of Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions, caring for the thousands of victims of this form of  ”low intensity nuclear war”
  • guarding extremely long-lived and poisonous nuclear waste, caring for people, lands, oceans and ecosystems already poisoned
  • making the transition to renewable/sustainable energy sources
  • growing beyond war and weapons as sources of national strength, dignity and pride 
  • doing all the above with mindful compassion, transformational kindness/forgiveness and courageous creativity   



We Are Suffering A Slow-Motion Nuclear War
A November, 2013, overview of Planet Earth’s
ongoing nuclear emergencies

September 2013, a new, detailed, free PDF e-book:
Fukushima– A Nuclear War without a War

Articles about Fukushima

June 2013  San Onofre nuclear plant to be shut down


Feb. 7, 2013:  Renewables now cheaper than coal and
gas [and nukes] in Australia

Jan. 13, 2013: The Myth of Nuclear [Weapons] Necessity
New York Times


Fukushima Women’s Testimony and “Die-In”
Against the Restart of Ooi Nuke Plant (Jun/07/2012)
Click anywhere on picture to start video.

On June 7, 2012, about 70 women including 10 women from Fukushima did a “die-in” in front of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence to protest against the restart of Ooi Nuclear Power Plant. Before the die-in, 10 Fukushima women visited the Cabinet Office and met with officials to submit a letter of requests addressed to Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.

This video clip shows the words from the Fukushima women and part of the Die-In.

On the very next day, June 8, 2012, Prime Minister Noda held a press conference and declared he would restart Ooi Nuclear Power Plant!!!  Mr. Noda’s stance is a terrifying example of what one might call “industrial madness.”  Societies afflicted with industrial madness regularly cause harm larger than they can imagine, recognize,  acknowledge or take responsibility for.

The original video ( ) created by OurPlanet-TV ( ). OurPlanet-TV is an independent net-based media and welcomes donations.

Translation/captioning by tokyobrowntabby. Video editing by sievert311 ( ).


Earth Ship print by Maymi OdaThis site is
a global library of information and links about nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear waste contamination, and citizen action for sustainable energy and human survival. Of necessity, we also explore paths beyond the global culture of violence that gave rise to nuclear weapons in the first place.

One of the most significant nuclear issues is that while human beings are fallible and prone to occasional mistakes and moral failures, nuclear materials are utterly unforgiving and never forget. Once leaked, spilled or burned, their residues will cause illnesses and deaths for hundreds of thousands (and in the case of Depleted Uranium, billions) of years. This is not the kind of legacy we want to leave for our children and all their descendants. Neither can any human need, goal or ambition justify the radioactive poisoning of the entire Web of Life, a process that has already begun.

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